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Proud sponsors of Mahindra Racing Formula E Team

In April 2015 we signed a new and exciting long-term partnership with the Mahindra Racing Formula E team. We are proud to be involved very early on in a thrilling new motorsport which is at the forefront of innovation and promises to accelerate developments in electric cars throughout the automotive industry.
Mahindra Rennwagen

In Europe

The first Formula E electric race to take place in Europe was on the iconic Monaco circuit. To mark this occasion we used our Avis Driving Ratio (ADR) to better understand the challenge and intensity of this race track and the performance of the Mahindra Racing electric race car.
Scoring a 1.9 the circuit presents a difficult drive with only 1.9 seconds spent driving along the straights for each second spent cornering. The track features 12 tight turns and only one straight long enough to give drivers the opportunity to reach top speeds of 140mph (225kph).